A journey to know yourself


[NEW] Zelik lands in the world of Football World Cup!

In occasion of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Zelik Adventures is available for all the championship length in a new vest dedicated to the world of football. New disguises and items have been added to the many already in the game: football balls, flags and many others! At the end of your journey you will be able to find out what kind of supporter you are! Download Zelik Adventure for free and enter the magic world of football!



What is Zelik Adventures?

How would you feel if a spaceship suddenly dropped you on an unknown planet? What if the planet were inhabited by strange creatures that either attacked you or ran away in shock and fear? What if your survival and final escape still depended on interacting with those strange creatures?


In Zelik Adventures you will have to tell the good from the evil creatures avoiding the latter and aptly disguising yourself not to scare the former away. But disguises will be costly and you will have to find some treasures before buying the right camouflage from stingy merchants. Treasures will also allow you to accumulate points towards your final score. Once you are aptly disguised, the good creatures will not run away anymore and will help you out with additional gifts. The wisest among them, the Sages of Planet Earth, will ask questions on behalf of their lot to get to know you better. Answering their questions will allow you to get accepted and move to the next level. The evil creatures, monsters, killer plants and poisonous spikes, will instead do their ugliest best to part you from your treasures and precious costumes!


Yet, Zelik Adventures is as much about exploring the outside world as it is about exploring your own self. Based on your answers, the Sages of Planet Earth will gradually reveal a profile of your personality, which will be disclosed fully by the Great Sage only at the end of your exploration. Beware it will not be easy to get there: evaluations of your curiosity, grit, courage, diplomacy and drive will all be part of your final profile!


Most interestingly, along the way you will be able to share not only your score but also your partial and final personality profiles with your Facebook friends! Asking for their feedbacks, you will discover who among them really knows you! You will also be able to share your ever changing disguises: there are zillions of possible combinations of different costumes, including accessories and hairdos, which will make your look outrageously unique!


Get ready and tap the screen to start your ultimate exploration adventure!


  • Free to play, no ads
  • Thousands of possible disguises
  • 60 questions and a final response about the gamer's personality
  • Facebook sharing system
  • User friendly fantasy game environment
  • Easy to play, hard to handle
  • How-to tutorial level
  • Increasingly challenging levels



What am I supposed to do if I want to win the game?

You will need to explore the world, looking for the wise Sages and answering their questions. At the end of your journey, the wisest of the Sages will provide you a personality profile created appositely for you according with your answers. If you want the Sages to ask you any question remember you have to blend with the people around you, disguising yourself in the correct way. Remember: only some of the Sages will provide you information about your personality.


I don't know how to move my character!

Don't worry if this is your first time playing a video game. The first tutorial level will explain you how to move, run and jump. Everything is based on touching the screen in the direction you want to follow, and swiping when you want to jump. Tapping the screen will allow you to interact with items and characters. 


What about the coins and the disguises sold by the merchants?

Collect coins looking for them during your journey. You will be able to buy the disguises you need to blend in with the inhabitants of the planet. Each level is characterized by a specific set of correct costumes, so be careful to buy the correct ones. Or you can just buy one you like the most to create the funniest combinations!


Why should I share my personal profile on Facebook?

Who knows you better than your friends? Ask them to confirm the verdict of the Sages, or to let you know if they don't agree with it. In this way, you will be able to know if your personality matches with what the people think about your personality!


The Team

We are TecnAgon S.r.l., a small independent communication company. We are devoted to finding and exploiting new ways of conveying information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, and art. We make games because we think they are the frontier of cybercommunication. We make games also because we love to play them.


You can find us in the cyberspace or, if you prefer, at 41°54′26''N 12°29′41''E on Planet Earth.  

Requirements iOS

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad 2

Requirements Android

  • Minimum Resolution: 800x480
  • Android 2.3.3
  • 512MB RAM



Contact: zelikadventures[at]gmail[dot]com

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